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GALLERY FRIDAY: Rachel Hanson + Barbaro

A recent transplant to Minneapolis from the back roads of northern Wisconsin, Rachel Hanson's songs strike a chord somewhere deep in the hearts of both travelers and soul-seekers. Her sound is familiar, yet not overly derivative, from a timeless era of classics. Opening the night, Savannah Smith only needs thirty seconds of your time to win you over. In a world filled to its brim with would-be young singer-songwriters, Savannah’s vocal prowess, and her absolute mastery of crafting raw and gritty emotion into beautiful melodies, defines her from the crowd in moments.  Barbaro is a 3-piece bluegrass band featuring Kyle Shelstad (Kitchen Dwellers), Jeff Swanner (Pert Near Sandstone, May North) and Issac Sammis (Tin Can Gin). We use traditional bluegrass instruments to blend country, jazz and newgrass styles and create a melting pot of something auld and something new.

$8 | DOORS AT 7:30