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LAKELY LOVES...Heirloom Tomatoes


This month in The Lakely, we are excited to kick off a new series of monthly special dinners known as LAKELY LOVES…

Each month, we will offer a multi-course dinner with the purpose of showcasing something (or someone?) within our local culinary scene that we LOVE! The intention of these dinners is to go far beyond mere meal and provide an educational component that offers additional insight into the things that make our local food scene fantastic.

First up is heirloom tomatoes. These incredible gems are only available for about 2 months out of the year, so we thought it’d be great to feature them while they’re at the height of their production. @cheftronberg is creating a special 6-course dinner and thoughout the dinner, he will be sharing much of his experience working with – and growing – these edible wonders. These dinners are reservation-only and seating will be limited, so be sure to call The Oxbow front desk to hold your spot today.

6 courses - $50/person | 715-839-0601 | August 23rd, 2017

Stay tuned for announcements for other upcoming “LAKELY LOVES…” in the very near future!