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ABV CLUB 9.12: Märzen Lagers

The ABV Club – Attention craft beer geeks! We’re starting a monthly series of events being held in the Gallery space of the Oxbow. Think of it as a chance to dive deeper into all things beer! It will include talks with brewers from around the region, vertical tastings, beer and food pairing discussions, studies of beer ingredients, and whatever other interesting topics we can dream up related to our favorite malted beverage. If you’re a fan of the full spectrum of the craft beer world, you’re going to want to be a part of the club. Stay tuned in to our social media outlets and the calendar at to catch the newest events as we list them.

FIRST UP: We’re saying goodbye to the summer season and
immersing ourselves in autumn with a blind tasting of Märzen lagers. Better known here in the US as “Oktoberfest”, Chef (and beerhound) Nathan Berg will be discussing the qualities and history of this fall beauty and then leading a tasting through a sizeable selection of variations (8-10) from some of the best breweries in our region. The blind tasting gives you the opportunity to sample beers based solely on the quality of the product in the glass, free from any preconceived notions you might have about a beer based upon the brewery/label, marketing approaches, scale of production or past
experiences. It’s an exciting way to discover what you truly like best, while learning to appreciate all the various takes on a particular style.