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WANDERING SPIRIT SERIES: All things Cocktails with The Lakely Staff

Wandering Spirits – If you’re a lover of cocktails, spirits, or even wine,
here’s a monthly series that’s tailored to you. In this series, Chef Nathan
Berg and the ultra-talented bar staff of The Lakely will bring an
educational component to the world of libations. Each month will feature a
diverse topic from this grand subject, which could include anything from
style-samplings to featured distillers/winemakers to cocktail demonstrations
to who-knows-what. There’s such a fascinatingly massive amount of things to
study in the world of spirits and with it constantly changing and evolving,
there’s no end to amount of interesting studies that we’ll be able to delve

But first, we’re going to start with some basics in
the field of craft cocktails. Nathan, along with Lakely Manager Jorja
Vradenburg and Head Bartender Logan Slaght, will be guiding attendees
through some of the main starting points in the world of cocktails. They’ll
discuss the necessary equipment, demonstrate some of the techniques, and
give a quick overview of the main spirits families to give attendees a solid
base of knowledge from which they can begin crafting killer cocktails in
their own homes. And of course, attendees will get to sample some of these
classic cocktails as they go, because there’s no better way to learn than to